Lakyle National School
Whitegate, Co.Clare
S.N. Leamhchoill
An Geata Bán, Co an Chláir
Tá fáilte romhat!

Is fédir linn le chéile.

Lakyle National School is a co-educational Catholic primary school committed to creating a happy, safe and supportive learning environment for all children and staff. We work together to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance in which each child is treated equally. We endeavour to develop and enhance the self-esteem of our opportunity of our pupils. The school values diversity and hopes to provide each child with the opportunity to further his/her unique and special talents. We enable, encourage and empower our pupils to develop their spiritual, moral, social and intellectual potential and equip them to become lifelong learners. Lakyle N.S. highly values its partnership with parents and the wider community and strives to develop a sense of responsibility and citizenship among its pupils. We are aware of the place our school holds in local history and respect the cultural traditions of the past, while eagerly embracing the future.

The earliest records to be found of education in the Whitegate area are pre-1831 when a number of Protestant and Catholic hedge schools were in existence at Meelick, Furnace, Whitegate, Lakyle, Glebe, Cloonoola, Kilkittane, Tintrim and Islandmore. read more.